Rain Bird R-Van Rotary Nozzle - R-Van Strip

Rain Bird R-Van Rotary Nozzle - Strip

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R-VAN-LCS: (1.5 x 4.6m) Left Corner Strip 
R-VAN-RCS: (1.5 x 4.6m) Right Corner Strip 
R-VAN-SST: (1.5 x 9.1m) Side Strip 

R-Van Strip
  • LCS - Left Corner Strip
  • RCS - Right Corner Strip
  • SST Side Strip


R-VAN-LCS: 5’ x 15’ (1.5 x 4.6m) Left Corner Strip
R-VAN-RCS: 5’ x 15’ (1.5 x 4.6m) Right Corner Strip
R-VAN-SST: 5’ x 30’ (1.5 x 9.1m) Side Strip

R-VAN Series Nozzles - Get ready for the next generation in nozzle design!
Hand-adjustable arc and radius – no special tools required. Low precipitation rate reduces run-off and the potential for erosion. High uniformity, thick wind resistant streams and larger water droplets ensure efficient performance, even in adverse conditions.

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