Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi Module
Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi Module
Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi Module
Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi Module

Rain Bird LNK2 WiFi Module

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The LNK2 WiFi Module shall allow users to connect remotely to a Rain Bird ESP-Me or ESP-RZXe Irrigation Controller through a plug-in accessory and using an Apple iOS or Android compatible mobile device with access to the Internet.


Simple Plug and Play Design. Designed to work with controllers you already understand and install. To upgrade existing controllers, simply plug the LNK2 WiFi Module into the accessory port and open the app. Operates like a remote onsite and provides complete access to the irrigation system while offsite.

Advanced App Design. Simple to use app, provides homeowners with the access they need and desire. Professional features allow for easy multi-site management for contractors. Built-in notifications provide troubleshooting access, simplifies service calls, and warns when freezing conditions are expected.

Saves Water. Automatic weather adjustments provide daily run time changes to save up to 30% more water. Superior programming capabilities are designed to meet the most stringent water restrictions. Instant access allows for real-time system management.

Simple multi-site management. Designed for contractors who manage multiple controllers and sites. Quickly group controllers by geography, sub-division, street or another process your company uses. Increases Technician efficiency and simplifies service calls and/or winterizations.

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