Irritec Multibar -  Compensating Drip Pipe - 100mts

Irritec Multibar - Compensating Drip Pipe - 100mts

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Irritec Multibar - Compensating Drip Pipe - 100mts.


The MultibarTM C pressure compensating drip line with cylindrical dripper pre-inserted at extrusion phase is particularly suited to irrigating exten- sive flowerbeds, steeply sloping areas, hedges and trees in general. The simple operation reduces maintenance to a minimum; furthermore, the low visual impact (often used under mulch) means it is less likely to be seen and vandalised.

The localised distribution of the drops avoids stre- aming water, a potential cause of damage to vehicles and pedestrians. The pressure compensating dripper with its silicone membrane ensures a constant flow rate even when pressure varies, and is equipped with a self-cleaning system to guarantee a long product life.

The Irritec® quality system, ISO 9001, applying the control processes in all production phases, guarantees high-standard product quality. The MultibarTM C drip line is IIP certified and meets international standard ISO 9261.

Functions and technical specifications
  • Operating pressure from 0.5 to 4.0 bar
  • Dripper nominal flow rate 2.1 and 3.8 litres per hour
  • External diameter of the tube 16 mm, wall thickness 1.1 mm
  • 155 mesh filtration is recommended
  • The pressure compensating system of the dripper is ensured by a silicone membrane that maintains a constant flow rate when the operating pressure changes.
  • 35 mm cylindrical dripper with integrated filter
  • Available in brown
  • Reel length 100 m

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