Hunter PS Ultra Pop Up spray sprinkler - Height 5 - 10 cm  - PSU-02 PSU-04 10A 12A 15A 17A

Hunter PS Ultra Pop Up spray sprinkler - Height 5cm - Radius 3.0mt - PSU-02 10A

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Pop-Up Height: 5 cm
Radius: 3.0 mt 
Nozzle: PRO 10A - Adjustable from 0º to 360º 
Color: Red 


This compact slim-line spray sprinkler is available in 2", 4", and 6" models. Its innovative body incorporates a reliable two-piece ratchet, durable cap, male-threaded riser, and large filter screen, providing double filtration on 4" and 6" models. Additionally, the 2" and 4" models are retro-compatible with existing PS Spray bodies, which allow for a quick and easy upgrade.

Standard PS Ultra models include a pre-installed Pro Adjustable Nozzle.

Product Details

Sprinkler Type
Sprinkler Overall Height (mm)
Pop-up Height (mm)
Inlet Size
1/2" Female


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