Irritec Veggie Kit - Drip irrigation for a vegetable plot

Irritec Veggie Kit - Drip irrigation for a vegetable plot

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Easy to install, allows anyone to create a drip irrigation system for a vegetable plot of up to 150 m2.

The localized irrigation takes the water only to where it is needed, therefore allowing water savings and restricting the growth of weeds. In addition, drip irrigation respects plants by leaving the leaves dry and limiting the propagation of fungal diseases.

  • Screw the valve on to the tap.
  • Screw the control unit to the valve outlet and then to the starter coupling.
  • Connect the main tube to the coupling and lay it along the path using the elbow fitting if necessary.
  • Along the line, make a hole in the main tube using the key punch supplied.
  • Insert the off-take valve into the new hole. • Lay the drip line along the line of the plants and connect it to the off-take valve
  • Open or close the off-take valves of each line to irrigate or stop irrigation. Indispensable for not wasting water when one plant on the line has already been harvested.
Kit includes
  • 1 valve 3/4
  • 1 pressure regulator 3/4
  • 1 key punch
  • 1 elbow 20 ø • 15 m tube 20 ø
  • 1 coupling 20 ø x 3/4 • 10 off-takes 16 ø
  • 4 couplings 16 ø
  • 100 m drip line 16 ø
  • 1 plug 20 ø

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