Irritec Terrace Kit - Drip irrigation for potted plants

Irritec Terrace Kit - Drip irrigation for potted plants

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Everything you need to easily build a drip irrigation system for potted plants. Only a pair of scissors and a cutter are needed.

The adjustable drippers mean that every plant receives the right amount of water. The tap-mounted control unit with intuitive programming allows system automation by cho- osing how much to irrigate, when and how often.

  • Screw the control unit to the tap, screw the pressure regulator to the control unit outlet and then to the starter coupling.
  • Connect the main tube to the coupling and lay it along the path using the elbow or T fittings if necessary. A valve is available to isolate part of the system as required.
  • Make a hole in the main tube using the key punch supplied. Insert the tube coupling into the new hole, then connect the tube to the coupling. Lay the tube along the ground to the pot, cut it to the desired length and insert the dripper coupling on to the end. Regulate the drippers to achieve the desired flow for each pot.
Kit includes
  • 1 pressure regulator 3/4
  • 1 key punch
  • 20 drippers
  • 25 m main tube 16 ø
  • 25 m micro tube 6 x 4 mm ø
  • 1 valve
  • Miscellaneous couplings
  • GT1 control unit

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